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NORPCA conducts several tours each year.  These are street legal programs and we offer two distinct styles of activity:  Caravan Tours and Destination Events.  Tours and Destination Events may charge participants a small fee to cover costs such as permits, supplies, or refreshments.  Any lodging that is part of a tour or event is at the individual’s own expense.


Caravan Tours are run over specific roads that are evaluated in advance of the drive.  Run groups usually consist of a Lead car, three or four cars, and a Last car for that group.  Tours usually have multiple run groups divided up in groups of five or six cars each.  The last car in a Caravan Tour is the Sweeper car whose job is to account for breakdowns and lost cars.  End points or destinations are always an interesting part of a Tour, but Caravan Tours focus on scenic or challenging drives for Porsche Enthusiasts.


Destination Events are focused on the destination only.  The destination location is the beginning and end for the event and has been chosen for its unique attractions that are believed to be of interest to our members.  The drive to and from the destination might be a bonus attraction as well, but specific roads and routes are a free and individual choice of the participants to a Destination Event.


Hybrid Tours are just like it sounds, a little bit of Caravanning in run groups and independent driving to a Destination.


Recent Tours:  Historic Roscoe Village Coshocton, FLW Fallingwater Kaufmann House, Catawba Island Club.


Recent Destination Events:  2019 Spring Mountain Weekend, NOR Garage Tour, Gervasi Vineyard, Blue Heron Event Center.


Check the events calendar and sign-up for the next event via our Club Registration account.


Interested in building your own tour or destination?  Join our Tour Committee today and help us build and run these events.

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