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Enjoy the camaraderie of other PCA members in a casual setting. NOR conducts many social events each year.  Although there is no fixed schedule for our social events, here’s some recent examples:  Blue Heron Spring Opener, Mike & Sue’s BBQ, Food Truck Friday’s, the Christmas Party, and our destination events, which certainly qualify as social events.  Many events cost nothing for members; others require paying a small fee or making a side dish. RSVP’s are needed, but that’s not much to ask, to ensure enough space and food for everyone.


At present, there isn’t a Social Committee at NOR, so all of the above events are made possible by members coming forward with ideas (and in most cases with the help of many club volunteers).  In fact, everything we do as a club is really a social event, because its not just the cars, it’s the people!


If you have an idea for a social event of any kind, please let us know.  We are always interested in new ideas for our club!

National Events- As a PCA member, there are events all over the country that you are welcome to attend. If you’re traveling, check out the National Events Calendar for an event. Likewise, if you’re not wanting to travel far from home, nearby regions in our zone (Zone 4) also have events posted on their websites.

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