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Medina Cryptic Rally

Our NORPCA rallies are lighthearted competition and designed to be a day of fun and club camaraderie.  NORPCA's Rally Master (aka., Rallyemeister, Rallymaster, or “Hey-Who’s-in-charge-here?”,etc) and the Rally Master’s team of dedicated volunteers (aka., Orange Caps) work together to create exciting, humorous, and memorable rally events for our little Northern Ohio Club of Porsche enthusiasts.  Anyone, regardless of experience, with an interest in participating or volunteering for NORPCA Rallies will be enthusiastically welcomed! 


NORPCA Rallies are best described as competitive touring.  Challenges are the competitive element. This can be anything from accurate navigation, speed control, or some other kind of contest. Challenges may be presented as clues, landmarks, solving puns or trivia, identifying historical markers, , or time, speed, and distance (TSD) accuracy runs.


Because all of PCA’s rallies are run on public roads, we cannot make any challenge that includes the element of “time” which implies racing.  Our most popular rally is the odometer rally where navigation accuracy is determined by overall distance traveled.  

Rallies come in stages.  Every point to point in a rally is known as a “stage.”  Navigating each stage is the challenge for each team inside the car; the Driver and the Navigator.  The Navigator is a mandatory position for PCA rallies.  The concept of Teams may be expanded if the rally requires more than one car (each with Driver and Navigator) to form a team.

NOR has two different styles of road rallies:  Gimmick and Time Speed Distance (a.k.a. TSD).  Rallies can be grand “spectacle” events or just little competitions between a dozen or so enthusiasts.  Rallies may charge participants a small fee to cover costs such as permits, supplies, or refreshments.


Gimmick Rallies are a game style based on an infinite variety of game possibilities.  They are not speed contests but are scored on other criteria to measure success.  The Rallymaster will provide you with all the necessary equipment and materials you will need for this type of contest.  All you need to bring is an adult navigator.


Time Speed Distance Rallies are navigation challenges where accuracy in navigating the course and passing check points on time is the goal.  Points are deducted for any variation in timing and/or distance.  Our TSD rallies require no special equipment beyond bringing your “smart” phone.  We use phone GPS information and a dedicated “app” to track each car and measure success.  The use of a smart phone and having an adult navigator in your car is mandatory for all NOR rallies.


Recent Rallies:  Medina Cryptic Rally, 20/20 Rally Medina, Road Scholars Rally.


Check the events calendar and sign-up for the next event via our Club Registration account.

We need YOUR participation to help make a NORPCA rally fun.

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