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Driver Education provides the opportunity to experience the performance potential of your Porsche in a safe, controlled environment. You will receive classroom instruction in safety and high-performance driving techniques, and drive your own car on a road racecourse. 


This is not a racing school, but you get instruction from an experienced instructor, who rides with you. You learn proper braking, cornering, and track-reading skills in these two-day events. Safety, medical, and technical requirements must be met.

A typical event is two days long (Saturday & Sunday). In addition to the classroom instruction and on-track driving, you will have opportunities to ride on the track with your instructor, meet a bunch of great people during the day and at a Saturday night dinner if you choose.

Your club is excited to offer two awesome Driver’s Education three-day weekends at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in 2022! Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a world-class road course right in our backyard! The circuit is a 2.4 mile, 14 turn course in Lexington, OH with exciting elevation changes. If you have driven there, you know how much fun it is to drive. If you haven’t, it’s time to, for this bucket list experience! Our spring Driver’s Education event is May 5-7 and fall is September 22-24. Both weekends offer classroom and lots of instructed track time for drivers of all levels on Saturday and Sunday and a lapping day on Friday with PCA Expanded Passing for instructors and experienced students.

Scheduled 2023 Driver’s Schools.


May 5 to May 7


Contact: Lori Bryant -

Track map/info



September 22-24 


Contact: Lori Bryant -


Equipment needed:

Coupes/Targas: A helmet with a 2015 or newer Snell SA, K, or M safety rating. All natural-fiber clothing, fully enclosed shoes (no sandals). Plus your car, of course, in good mechanical condition, which will be verified by a technical inspection performed by a local mechanic or dealer and double-checked at the track.

Cabriolets: All of the above, plus a roll bar.

Boxsters: All of the above. Boxsters have a built-in roll bar. Be sure that the top of your head with helmet on is below the roll bar when in a normal seating position. We use the “broomstick” test. Place a broomstick across the roll bar & top of the windshield. If you sit below that you will be allowed on-track. If you don’t fit, Boxster roll-bar extensions are available that may solve the problem.

For other safety and technical information, contact our Technical & Safety Chair, Jim McFarland at 440.655.4268

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